Who Are We?

Our Vision

We strive to be a loving community welcoming and affirming all as God’s children in spiritually based service.

Our Mission

We Are a Christian Fellowship of Faith, building a community that supports each other, to help feed the hungry, to clothe the naked and welcome strangers; while living a life that leads to deeper experiences walking humbly with God.

Our Core Values

We seek God’s goodness through a life patterned after the life and ministry of Jesus Christ by:

  • Celebrating our rich and diverse heritage
  • Practicing mission and ministry to the human and spiritual needs of others
  • Providing a fertile environment for the growth of one’s faith
  • Centering around worship that embraces and open and liberal theology
  • Developing caring, supportive personal relationships
  • Nurturing individuals and encouraging the use of their talents in service to others
  • We encourage people to think for themselves
  • No one in our congregation dictates what another must believe
  • All members are responsible for interpreting the scriptures and discerning God’s will in the light of their own personal experiences, and in conversation with fellow believers of all faiths

People Matter Most

  • Our congregation was organized by neighbors who were committed to living in Christian fellowship with each other
  • It is the love of God, not shared religious doctrine, which binds our lives together
  • We are committed to nurturing the spiritual development every person in our community from the youngest child to the oldest adult

We Embrace Diversity

  • We do not simply tolerate each other’s differences; we try to learn from each other and try growing from these experiences
  • Because of our diverse religious backgrounds, we have learned the importance of listening to each other
  • We strive to treat each other with dignity and respect, and know that we are at our best when we talk openly and honestly with each other

We Apply Our Faith to the Relevant Issues of Our Day and Help Others

  • Valuing our heritage we strive to translate the good news of the gospel into our modern context
  • We are committed to work together to discern what it means to live faithfully in today’s world
  • We openly use our resources to host programs and activities sponsored by community organizations

We Value Self-reliance

  • We are a church of “do it yourselfers”
  • The success of our church’s ministry is sustained by the support and commitment of our own members
  • Our budget, officers, committee members and even our pastors are chosen and established by majority vote of our members

We Meet People Where They Are

  • We always welcome anyone who wants to become part of our fellowship
  • We have few requirements or restrictions
  • We are not a push church, but one that allows people to progress at their own speed

Our Vision is what we want to be.
Our Mission is what we do.
Our Core Values speak of who we are.

“We welcome and affirm all as God’s children with a bias toward yes”