Administrative Assistant: Pam Gansch-Boythe

The Administrative Assistant is the “front line” position as she is the first person that you come in contact with as you enter the offices of the Church. First impressions are almost always the most important.

The Administrative Assistant is directly responsible to the Senior Pastor and serves as the personification of the church’s character. She must work with a minimum of supervision and make daily decisions based on church policy.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday. Closed 12:00 PM-1:00PM for lunch

Publications Clerk: Vicki Decker

Vicki creates the Sunday and special bulletins, the monthly Tidings, the  Women’s Fellowship and circle brochures.

Finance Clerk: Arlene Smith

The Finance Clerk is responsible for developing and maintaining timely and accurate financial records of the church.

This includes reconciling and recording contributions from Sunday worship, free will donations from church related activities, and income from any other fund raising programs. She maintains an electronic accounting of all pledge and contribution files and assures confidentiality of members’ personal information and financial commitments.

She receives, evaluates, and processes all payment requests. She evaluates conformance with the approved budget. and prepares checks or initiates electronic payments.

She is responsible for preparing required IRS filings and coordinating with the church’s accountant in the preparation of required documentation and reporting.

She works closely with the Treasurer and Vice-Moderator for Financial Administration.

Music Director: Barbara Quinn

Barbara Quinn is responsible for the music program of the church and directs and accompanies the choir. She assists the Pastors in the preparation and selection of music for the weekly worship services and other special programs. She is responsible for recruiting and developing new choir members.

She also serves as a consultant to other church ministries involved in the worship and liturgy of the church. She is responsible for providing musical education to the congregation through articles in bulletins and the monthly newsletter “The Tidings”.

She is responsible for the care and maintenance of the organ, piano, and other musical instruments of the church.

Barb also coordinates or produces a concert series or other musical programming for the church and surrounding community

Sexton: Dan Gansch-Boythe

The essential purpose is to provide custodial care and routine maintenance to the church buildings and surrounding grounds. Dan primarily works alone and with little supervision.

While there are scheduled cleanings there are many exceptions that require Dan to adjust his plans to conform to scheduled uses of the facilities. He must clean the hall, set-up table and chairs, and dismantle for such activities as Family Night Dinners, line dancing, and any other groups that utilize Naar Hall. Cleanings of the sanctuary must also conform to Sunday services but be adjusted for such other uses as funerals, memorials, weddings, or baptisms.

Dan coordinates the work of private contractors hired by the church to maintain air conditioning and other equipment, and grounds maintenance.

Dan also meets with prospective users of the facilities to explain use requirements and availability.