Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastor

Reverend Donald H. Wilson

Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Don, has been with us since October 2004. As our Pastor and Teacher, he is responsible for the spiritual lilfe of the church. He guides the staff and the congregation in accomplishing the church’s ministries and missions.

He teaches and preaches the Gospel at regular Sunday Worship Services, in a weekly scripture study, and with the many ministry groups and leadership teams of the church. Rev. Don provides counsel and comfort to all members of the congregation and others within the church and local community.

Rev. Don also serves on the Florida Conference Committee on Church and Ministry. He also serves as an ecclesiastical coach for church in the process of congregational revitalization.

Through his leadership with our pastoral staff, and the lay leadership of the congregation we are embarking on a new journey of restructured and revitalized congregational life.

We are glad to have called Rev. Wilson as our Pastor and Teacher, and invite you to join us for worship of any of the programs we offer.

Associate Pastor
Reverend Dr. Keran Olm-Stoelting

As Associate Pastor Rev. Keran is responsible for the spiritual life of the church. She participates in regular Sunday worship services, brings communion to the shutins and leads or participates in many other church activities. She is responsible for Christian Education which includes Sunday School, youth activities and family ministries and provides staff support for the Women’s Fellowship Board and their activities.

Rev. Keran works with the Good News Ministry charged with providing and open and welcome atmosphere for all that enter our church arena.

Rev. Keran also serves as a representative to the Wider Church as coordinator of Koinonian Ministries; serves on the Board of Directors of the Florida Conference of the UCC; represents Venice UCC and serves on the Board of the Venice Interfaith Community Association (VICA); and is involved with many of the church’s outreach programs.